The Easiest Way To Save Money & Stay Compliant

AERC's Prepaid Return Program (RecycleKits) offers a comprehensive recycling service for commercial, institutional, municipal, and governmental waste generators. Our services are competitive,cost-effective, and compliant with all federal, state, and local Regulations!

Step 1. Order a RecycleKit.

Visit the RecycleKits section of our website to order your kit. Please note that you will need to know what quantities of the specific material you will be recycling. Order yours by clicking here or on the link at the top of the page.

Step 2. Package the Materials.

Put the material you're recycling into the designed container and follow the packaging instructions. Complete the enclosed labels and affix the prepaid shipping labels to the container. FedEx Ground will not accept any package with a PPRP label that has been changed, altered or tampered with in any way.

Step 3. Ship the RecycleKit.

Simply give the RecycleKit to your FedEx Ground driver or drop it off at any FedEx facility.

AERC recycles your waste at one of its fully permitted facilities. After your waste has been processed, a Certificate of Recycling or Process can be provided upon request.