Mercury Spill Kits

Promoting Safe Environments

​Any accidental release of elemental mercury in the workplace is a serious health and environmental concern. Mercury and mercury vapors are toxic and spill areas require immediate attention and clean up.

The AERC Recycling Solutions Mercury Spill Kit provides the best technology available for the clean up of spilled mercury. Each kit contains all the necessary materials to safely and effectively decontaminate an area of small quantities of spilled mercury. Further, the contaminated materials can be returned to AERC for processing.

Mercury Spill Kit Contents
- Mercury Magent Powder & Powder Brush
- Nitrile Gloves
- Mercury Absorbption Pad
- 1 gal. DOT Pail
- Pickup Magent
- Plastic Scoop
- Resealable Plastic Bags
- Instructions and MSDS Sheet

Order Your Spill Kit

Mercury RecycleKit Spill Kits can be ordered directly from AERC Recycling Solutions!