Mercury Devices & Compounds

Safe Mercury Removal and Disposal

MercuryAERC provides a safe, economical, and environmentally responsible outlet for the disposal of mercury and mercury-containing instruments.

Mercury removal from thermometers, switches, relays, and other instrumentation requires a thorough, multi-step process. AERC utilizes state-of-the-art retort technology to recover mercury from contaminated devices.

Mercury Retort System

​​​​​​​​​​Our process not only removes and recovers mercury, but also enables the clean end products to be further recycled or reused. AERC's knowledgeable sales team is available for on site consultation and planning.

Innovative Mercury Recycling

AERC is an industry leader in researching and developing technologies to recycle these difficult wastestreams. Our hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical processes provide an innovative solution to this difficult problem.

We recycle various compounds and solutions such as Nessler's Reagent, COD Solution, Mercuric Chloride Solution, Mercuric Oxide, Sulfide, and Iodine.