Electronics Recycling - Cleaning Up E-Waste

We provide full service management for end-of-life electronics starting with transportation from your facility to ours.

Our customer service department will ensure a seamless disposal of your electronics. Once your material arrives at our site you have the option of requesting a full inventory of the material.

RecycleKits provide you with the easiest way to send your old electronics to AERC Recycling Solutions - Click Here for more information!

AERC offers two levels of disassembly:
• Level A: Total Data Destruction via Shredding as well as complete disassembly of the unit.
• Level B: Information Destruction via DoD Wipe

Why Electronics Recycling Matters

CRTs and other electronic equipment can contain high levels of leachable lead and other heavy metals, including mercury and cadmium, as well as phosphorus and PCBs. Millions of dollars are lost each year by not recycling electronic and computer components. 20% of electronic equipment can be reused and 80% can be properly recycled.

More than 8% of landfill content is hazardous and requires proper management. Components such as batteries and mercury switches can, and should be recycled. State and Federal regulatory agencies have begun enforcing the "Land Ban" on CRTs. Regulatory trends are leaning toward proper management of all electronic scrap.

AERC's superior recycling services guarantee the following benefits:

• 100% Recycling and Reuse of materials as part of our Zero-Waste-to-Landfill policy
• Certificate of Destruction/Recycling provided upon request.
• Complete Compliance with all Federal, State, and Local regulations.
• Experience: Over 25 years with hazardous waste management and 11 years of recycling
• Peace of mind through limited liability.

If current disposal trends continue, the landfill space required for computer remains will require one acre of land dug to a depth of 3 1/2 miles (enough to stack 15 Empire State Buildings end to end).

How To Get Started

RecycleKits are the easiest way to remain compliant while saving both time & money by sending your old electronics to AERC Recycling Solutions. Click here or on the link above to get started today.