Why Recycle Ballasts?

​In 1978, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a ban on manufacturing ballasts using PCBs. The Agency regulates PCBs in 40 CFR, Part 761.

BallastsBallast recycling is another assurance of our high standards of environmental protection. AERC recycles PCB, non-PCB, and DEHP lighting ballast. Metal components from the ballast such as copper and steel are collected for recovery and reuse. The PCB-containing capacitors and any PCB-contaminated asphalt potting material are thermally destroyed at a permitted facility.

Our ballast recycling services are economical options that reduce generator liability. Our turnkey approach includes shipping documentation, containers, transportation, and recycling.

Leaking ballasts are considered a hazardous waste, and must be destroyed at a licensed TSCA waste incinerator. Non-leaking ballasts containing PCBs are not regulated by the Federal government, but may require adherence to specific state or local policies.

Non-PCB Ballast can be sent to AERC Recycling Solutions using our simple and time-saving ​RecycleKits!