The Balcan MP8000 Lamp Recycling System

State-of-the-Art Recycling

AERC is proud to announce the purchase and installation of the Balcan MP8000 Lamp Processing System in their Allentown, PA and Hayward, CA recycling facilities.

All Balcan lamp and bulb recycling systems have the advantage that they can recycle all types of waste mercury bearing lamps. Unlike other systems the Balcan lamp recycling systems can process all materials together, whereas other lamp recycling methods require mercury lamps & bulbs to be separated into different types. The Balcan system will allow AERC to become more efficient and increase processing ability at both branches. The system also provides for reduced mercury emissions and more energy efficient processing of all types of lamps. The Balcan machine is recognized as the system of choice by top lamp recyclers in the USA and used by Balcan themselves.